"Bear ye one another's burdens and so fullfill the law of Christ"  Galatians 6:2

"Helping bear the burdens of the Pastor, his family and the local church" 

Galatians 6:2 Ministries

“And It Came To Pass”

Guess What? I’m turning 65 next month. Wow when did that happen? I have been so busy filling out paperwork and making phone calls. I’ve got more stacks of paper on Medicare, Social Security, AARP, Supplements; even Funeral Homes are contacting me. LOL!!! It seems like I was just a kid riding a bicycle yesterday. I thought a young lady marrying an Airforce service man was only a few years ago and yet we will be married 48 years this June. It’s really hard to believe that our three little boys are all grown and in their 40’s, yet their married with grown children of their own. We are so proud of the parents they all are. Shane and Misty are still at Woodland Hills Baptist Church in Tyler. Their oldest two Devin and Taylor are in Kentucky at Commonwealth Baptist Bible College. Nathan and Katlyn are still at home 13 & 10. Jeremy and Kelli are still at Trinity Baptist Church in Wills Point. The church just turned 35 years old. Jeremy is now the Sr. Pastor. He has been there longer than his dad! Their daughter Sarah will be leaving home in September to go to Crown College in Tennessee.  Joshua is 15 and still with mom and dad. Shaun and Kelli are still at Joshua Baptist Church. Breanna just turned 15, Savannah is turning 13 this year and Joanna is now 10. We are so proud of all of our family. All the grandkids are on bus routes and working in their churches. TO GOD BE THE GLORY GREAT THINGS HE HAS DONE! Pawpaw and Grammy are still being used of God around the country to preach (Pawpaw) and teach (Grammy) and prayerfully help pastors, their families, and their church.

In reading Joshua 24, I find Joshua about to die. His life had been a long life filled with a lot of memories. Joshua 24 signifies to me the Past, Present, and Future. The Lord is telling the people all the things that the Lord has done in their lives. He is showing them how HE has used them and allowed them to be used for His glory! He is showing them their past. Linking it with their present and encouraging them with their future. As children of God we can learn a valuable lesson from Joshua 24. You cannot live in the past or present. You have to keep reaching forward to the future. God still has things for us to do for Him in the future. No matter what your age is “Keep on, Keeping on.” No matter where He has you keep serving Him anyway you are able.

EXAMPLE: Past- As a child growing up with my parents I made many special memories. My personality, my character, my likes and dislikes etc. these were all formed as a child.

Present – We married and had three sons. We taught them about the Lord and serving Him. We helped shape their personalities, their character, their likes and dislikes. We taught them about grandparents and family. Then they grew up and moved on with their new brides and gave us 9 special grandchildren.

Elizabeth Ogdie

Prov. 3:5&6